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Paradigm Shift Consulting Group LLC...                            Advocate, Educate, Empower


Paradigm Shift Consulting Group LLC provides a valuable service because of our unique ability to help children and adults with special needs to a positive place. We provide educational training and resources with a focus on educational advocacy while applying SMART(Specific,Measurable,Achievable,Relevant,TIme-bound) goals as they relate to both Individual Education Plans for children and youth and Individual Service Plans for adults. Our comprehensive range of services are introduced by a core staff through a team approach. 


Paradigm Shift's staff will offer a balanced quality of service as we provide presence in conferences via skype or speaker phone for distant meetings as well as accompany clients on site. Our online resources and links to additional data are presented to families while we maintain on-going email support for them regarding questions to educational issues. Our team develop individualized education packages for children and adults as well as acquire services and therapy from professionals on behalf of their families. 

Individual and Family Services

Navigating the network of social services can be daunting for parents of children and adults with special needs. Paradigm Shift Consulting Group LLC is here to help by assisting clients with services ranging from directing clients and families through the educational system to piloting transition strategies and implementations for the next level. Families receive a high return from advocacy, educational training and consultation services tailored to address the challenges and barriers within the path of the child or adult. We are well equipped not only to facilitate in a team collaboration for solutions but also to provide families with the support necessary to assess, evaluate and communicate their current educational programming approach and instructional strategies towards optimal well -being. Paradigm Shift champions self-advocacy as loved ones receive services through our partnerships with a network of human service agencies. Finally, because of our commitment to empowering children and adults to advocate, we ensure that they experience long lasting results. We also help them establish procedures for addressing current and future challenges. As a result, families are well positioned to monitor progress and make the adjustments necessary to adapt to the ever changing environments in which they operate.


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Organization Services

Resource constraints often prevent agencies from engaging in organizational planning and evaluation on top of daily operations particularly when addressing adults with special needs. Paradigm Shift Consulting Group LLC assists by aiding with medical authorizations for school based services, deliver quantitative and qualitative program analysis, and program assessments in order to support the effectiveness of child/adult-centered planning. With decades of professional and personal experience, the Paradigm Shift Consulting team is uniquely qualified to help organizations seeking to improve client centered services.

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