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Individual and Family Services

Navigating the network of social services and educational programming can be daunting for self-advocates and parents of children and adults with special needs. Paradigm Shift Consulting Group LLC is here to champion alongside of these processes. The scope of our disciplines are practiced in five areas contained via consulting, educational advocacy, training, health care service delivery and program evaluations. 


  • Consulting: During the educational consulting process, a ninety minute initial meeting is schedueld to discuss and identify the concerns. Feedback regarding the evaluation, preparation and presentation of Individualize Education Plans (IEPs) and Individualize Support Plans (ISPs) are offered which includes:
  1. A collection and review of all data affecting the clients' IEP or ISP document is analyzed.
  2. An assessment is performed regarding the clients' skills in reference to their current IEP/ISP to determine whether or not growth, objectives and outcomes are being achieved.
  3. Presentations of additional recommendations towards treatment, methodologies or data collection is a collaborative team effort in behalf of the client.


  • Educational Advocacy: Our practice strives to ensure that clients are well positioned to achieve their highest potential as they transition from their school districts to post secondary educational institutions or adult services. As advocates, we accompany clients to school district meetings, to human service agencies and other transitional gatherings ensuring that clients and families have an in-depth understanding of the content discussed. We address treatments, interventions, techniques and therapy implementations that reflect evidence-base research of "best practices." Clients' voices are amplified through the work of Paradigm Shift Consulting Group. While we speak on behalf of  youth, and adults - training is introduced to families and support is given with the goal of our clients becoming independent advocates.


  • Training: We leverage our industry knowledge and experience to provide comprehensive training and education services that equip families, community members, and leaders for the on-going challenges posed by ever changing and increasing demands in the special needs environment. Paradigm's team presents a child/adult-centered approach. To that end, we promote and assist in the development of appropriate educational pathways that best serves both youth and adults. Our insights into the special needs community allows us to provide vital training in social skills and competence, executive functions, preparations for IEP/ISP meetings and identifying educational options through speaking engagements as well as individual conferences. In addition, consideration to specific areas of concern with regards to the education settings are addressed.   


  • Health Care Service Delivery: Medical consultation for clients can be made available regarding school base health related state services.



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